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Publication date: 21 July 2022

Ali Dżi is our Power Bi Specialist. We wanted to share this because Ali G. recommends today’s newsletter – a nice read!


[Power Automate] Since the beginning of this week, a refreshed portal for submitting ideas for new features in Power Automate has been running. You can find it here: . The whole looks more transparent and modern. Change to a plus ⤵️

[SharePoint] CAn interesting analysis of a specific permissions issue in SharePoint Online. Tomasz Poszytek shows what are the differences between Direct Access and Sharing. We recommend! Link to the article: Access to element shared through link results with access denied in SharePoint Online • Tomasz Poszytek, Business Applications MVP

[Power Apps] This article suggests you print and read every day until the rules contained therein are permanently etched into the memory. Seriously! 10 Power Apps Code Examples To Improve Your Coding Style (

[Teams] At the last Microsoft Inspire conference, a lot of upcoming changes in Teams were presented. It’s worth a review. We especially liked Excel Live and the new way of taking notes during a shared desktop session. Microsoft Inspire 2022: Innovations coming to Teams – Microsoft Tech Community

[Viva] OK. With this Viva, Microsoft is seriously. Just Topics, Learning, Connections and Insights have been known for a long time. We just wrote about Sales, and now comes Engage: Announcing Microsoft Viva Engage – Microsoft Tech Community. Apparently, Microsoft dresses old services in new clothes by adding some glitter. Engage is the same for Yammer as Connections for SharePoint. We don’t know what to think about it yet, but it’s definitely worth checking out. The service will not require additional licenses. Requires only an active Yammer license Introducing Microsoft Viva Engage

[Dataverse] At last! We have a new type of column: Formulas. As you can easily guess, it allows you to use the Power FX function and build your own logic. A very important and useful change: Boost maker productivity inside Dataverse using formula columns! | Microsoft Power Apps. The previous columns do not disappear, although their future seems foggy to us.

[Teams] Huge changes in the webinar function! Additional presenters, space limit, new page editor, Q and A, improved reporting… It is starting to look very interesting. A long article, but worth reading (or at least reviewing): Enhancing webinar experiences with Microsoft Teams – Microsoft Tech Community

[AppSheet] A significant simplification of building automation in applications! Finally, we can create local components. This should significantly improve the convenience of using many processes, tasks or events: Introducing: Unlinked Automation Components

[Google Meet] A small change, but it will be able to facilitate many decisions – anonymous voting in surveys at Google Meet meetings: Allow Google Meet participants to ask questions or respond to polls anonymously