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Publication date: 08 September 2022

The calendar suggests that today is Good News Day, so in this newsletter a handful of them for you. Most importantly, our conference is fast approaching and we’ll be meeting soon ūüĎč and for those who don’t have a ticket yet – a special promotion!


[Power Apps]¬†It’s happening! A summary of news and developments in Power Apps from the past month:¬†What‚Äôs new: Power Apps August 2022 Feature Update | Microsoft Power Apps¬†

[Power Apps] A nice example of customising a Model-Driven application. You customize menu commands, pages (i.e. Canvas) and just a bit of custom functionality ūüėČ Cool demo showing what you can actually change in such applications: Extend modern commands with custom pages and geospatial mapping | Microsoft Power Apps

[Power¬†Apps]¬†¬†Creator¬†Kit¬†came¬†out¬†just¬†before¬†the¬†holidays. It¬†is¬†one of¬†those¬†solutions¬†that¬†is¬†definitely¬†worth¬†knowing.¬†If¬†you¬†haven’t¬†met¬†it¬†yet,¬†make¬†up¬†for¬†it¬†quickly. We¬†recommend¬†this¬†video:

Power Apps Creator Kit – Power CAT Live

‚Ķand article: Introducing the Creator Kit ‚Äď Efficiently create performant Fluent UI based Power Apps | Microsoft Power Apps

[Power Apps] Better late than never ūüôā Full support for Image/Image type columns from SharePoint lists is finally coming to Power Apps! Support for adding and updating (so far there was only display) should be implemented by the end of September. Link to roadmap:

[Viva] Second part of the demo of the new member of the Viva family – Viva Sales:

This time the presentation focuses on integration with Microsoft Teams.

 VivaSales Part 2 | Viva Sales & Microsoft Teams 

[Power Apps] Low-Code does not slow us down from holding on to good practice. And that is what this article is about. How do we audit and verify applications against these standards? Not only is it not difficult, it can be automated. How? By using the right apps of course ūüėČ. We recommend reading: Power Apps Standards: Reviewing Canvas Apps – Matthew Devaney Of these solutions, the following is particularly useful of this: Power Apps Code Review Tool | Microsoft Power Apps.

[Dataverse] Readers of this newsletter don’t need to be persuaded of Dataverse’s possibilities ūüėČ but in case there were any doubts in your mind as to why this platform is worth exploring, we serve three: scalability, data security and integration options. You can read about them in longer form here: 3 Primary Reasons to Learn Dataverse | Microsoft Power Apps