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Publication date: 11 August 2022

Do you remember SharePoint 2007? And the times when there was a paper clip in MS Office, and the menu was not a ribbon? We sometimes remember Lync. And all this on the occasion of the Day of the Conservator of Monuments. Happy reading!


[Power Apps] For a long time everyone is wondering how best to make Power Apps available in Microsoft 365. Bookmarks in Teams or embedding in SharePoint are the most commonly used methods. Maybe try differently though? Can you embed Office services in an application? Can’t you? Wrong! You can. Take a look, because it’s an important novelty: Bring Microsoft 365 collaboration to your model-driven apps | Microsoft Power Apps

[SharePoint] By mid-September, a new feature for private page drafts and news will be available. It will allow access to unpublished news only to the author. You can read more about how it works here: Create a private SharePoint page or news post (

[Teams] This change was announced last year. Better late than later. The option to add people to breakoutrooms before the meeting will appear in September at the latest. Here’s the preview: 96350 (

[Power Apps] Someone has already pointed out that we should open a Matthew Devaney fan club 😉- we refer to his articles so often. But how not to when he publishes such gems? A real power apps life hack: Power Apps Hack To Style All Form Controls In Seconds (

[Power Platform] The Wave 2 update is fast approaching. See what awaits you (this time in the form of a video) Microsoft Power Platform 2022 Release Wave 2 Release Highlights

[Power Apps] A great example of simple UX rules that will improve your apps. The whole is supported by examples in the Canvas application. Excellent thing! We Had a UX Designer Fix Our Power App Part 1

[Power Apps] A new feature that allows Canvas applications to be created by default in soluces/solutions. It sounds confusing and mysterious, but the purpose is simple. Incorporating Canvas apps into the soluion ecosystem will allow features such as environment variables and AML processes to be used straight away. This is just further evidence that the Power Platform is growing up 😉😉Here you can read more: Creating canvas apps as Dataverse solutions by default (preview) | Microsoft Power Apps

[One Drive] …It is just turning 15 years. On this occasion, we recommend the Intrazone’s birthday podcast: Microsoft OneDrive turns 15 The Intrazone podcast Do you remember what this service was called at the beginning? Reply. We will reward the first three correct answers with a small surprise 😉

[AppSheet] Finally there is! New UI for Desktop users. It looks and works great. Note: This is still preview, so it’s disabled by default: In Preview: New UI design for desktop users

[Google Workspace EDU] Google has partnered with a few companies of EdTech to build custom supplements. These include: Kahoot!, Pear Deck, IXL i Nearpod. Students are definitely looking forward to going back to school! Seamlessly access popular Education Technology tools directly in Google Classroom

[Gmail] Marketing tools available straight from Gmail? This will be soon possible for selected Google Workspace packages. Sending professionally formatted messages and the function of mass sending messages will certainly be useful to many people: New integrated email marketing tools for Gmail