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Publication date: 25 August 2022

Usually, we write what holiday is being celebrated on the launch day of the newsletter we are currently reading. However, this time we will make a worthy exception – yesterday was Windows Day. This Windows. Enjoy your reading!


[SharePoint] Laura Kokkarinen publishes not very often, but when she does, we practically always get a firecracker/shot/pearl/gold (choose the right expression for you here). Automatic configuration of SharePoint Online sites! All using the PnP library, Power Automate and a few extra resources on Azure. Plus step-by-step instructions and lots of screenshots. It’s not a simple or short read, but the value is huge. You can find the article here: Auto-configuring SharePoint Sites with Site Templates — The Setup from Start to Finish (

[Power Automate Desktop] If two (SharePoint and PAD) of my favourite tools are integrating (this was written by ME: Łukasz F. 😉 ), it must be the news of the day. We’ve got it! Dedicated actions in PAD for SharePoint Online are now available. This opens up a ton of new possibilities. If only similar actions for lists would also appear…I’m dreaming.

A description of the news (there are others) can be found here: Power Automate for desktop – August 2022 update | Power Automate Blog (

[Power FX] E®®o® can happen to anyone. In Office applications, the Spell Checker will help with them (or not 😉). What about Power FX and applications? Error support is possible. What’s more, it will be made easier with the features that are officially entering the Preview phase. You can read about them here: Power Fx: Error handling graduates to preview | Microsoft Power Apps

After reading, it is essential to implement!

[Power Pages] This element of the Power Platform addresses a popular scenario and need – data and applications available anonymously to external users. However, this does not absolve us from maintaining an appropriate level of security. This is exactly dealt with in this short, but very valuable post: How to setup the security for the data shown in th… – Power Platform Community (

[Viva Insights] Regular breaks are an underrated part of any productivity system. Viva will be suggesting times for breaks, studying and processing emails soon! We strongly recommend you take the suggestions of this soulless AI 🙂 Protect time with Viva Insights | Microsoft Docs