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Publication date: 18 August 2022

Sometimes, in search of knowledge, we feel like sailors fighting alone against a storm. And then the light of our newsletter breaks through the darkness of the night – that’s how we like to fantasize. Today we celebrate International Lighthouse Day, that is important.


[Security] Unfortunately, the topic of MFA, passwordless and the whole security is still treated with neglect in many organizations. Who in their right mind will get caught up to our data? Why is it to whom? These questions don’t make sense, because most attacks are automated. And for this carried out on an ogrooooomnej scale. Just take a look at this chart:

This light blue color is just one of the attack vectors – phishing. The trend is quite clear. So think five times (you could even more) before clicking ON ANY link in an email. Even the one from the President. And quickly turn on MFA. It does not hurt 😊 The whole report, divided into chapters and richly decorated with charts can be found here: Microsoft Digital Defense Report – Microsoft Security. We highly recommend 👍 You don’t have to be an expert to understand it.

[Power Apps] These tables in Model-Driven applications are so gray. It’s so boring and ugly! You’ve probably heard such opinions. Then look at it:

And here you will read how to do it (and when it will be possible 😉): Inline editing, modern browsing, and more with the new Power Apps grid control | Microsoft Power Apps

[Power Automate] There is no denying that solutions for mobile platforms under the sign of a bitten apple are created faster. It is no different with Power Platform mobile applications. Fortunately, a new version of the Power Automate application for Android has appeared (for now in the preview version). And it looks delicious: Announcing public preview of Power Automate’s newest Android mobile app version | Power Automate Blog (

[Power Apps] Everyone likes colorful charts. They can work wonders even in the most gray applications. Did you know that you don’t need Power BI and Premium licenses to create them? You can do it differently! How? You can find the answer here: PowerHack🔮 #5 – how to quickly add 80+ charts to your apps and custom pages — Kristine Kolodziejski

PS. Kristine will be able to meet at our NoCodeDays conference. Tickets bought? If not, we invite you to

[Power Automate / SharePoint] Chris Kent (that crazy list formatting guy) has put together a very neat demo showing how to automate the process of creating pages based on a list. Very interesting material! We definitely recommend 👍It can be useful when building