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Publication date: 07 July 2022

Bitter, with sea salt or nuts. It is with it that we could be left alone on a desert island. Today we celebrate… World Chocolate Day! We wrote about it, because it’s important. Enjoy your reading!


[Teams] The new month is a traditional summary of the news. We start with Teams. This time, a lot of changes appeared on mobile versions (iPad, iOS, Android). It is also worth reading about the new role of co-organizer of the meeting (co-organizer). It will definitely will be useful! 

Full list: What’s New in Microsoft Teams | June 2022 – Microsoft Tech Community 

[OneDrive] It’s a less business feature, but if you use OneDrive privately and keep photos there, then you will definitely enjoy this newness: Introducing OneDrive photo story – a new photo sharing feature now available in public preview – Microsoft Tech Community

[SharePoint] Summary of what’s new in June. It is worth paying attention to the new, improved option of controlling the website logo and Viva Topics, which has also come to chats in Teams!  

Microsoft SharePoint Roadmap Pitstop June 2022 The Intrazone 

thumbnail image 12 captioned The Intrazone Roadmap Pitstop – June 2022 graphic showing some of the highlighted release features.

[Power Apps] It is sometimes worth taking a look at the “Upcoming features” section of the app’s settings. There you can find such gems as the new search option. What can it do? This may surprise you: 

[Power Automate Desktop] Long time we did not write about PAD. It’s time to make up for it, especially since there is a great opportunity to do so. In the latest package of updates you can find real gems. A new selector editing window and (finally!) new input and output variable formats (In/Out). We recommend reading and updating 😉 Power Automate for desktop – June 2022 update | Power Automate Blog ( 

[Google Workspace] Are you a Developer using Google Workspace? Check if you know all the extras that will help you in your work. Integration with Asana, GitHub, Jira, Jenkins, PagerDuty or Datadog is a tasty morsel for every dev. Improving developer agility and efficiency with Google Workspace 

[Google Drive] Manage permissions through a worksheet? This is possible thanks to Google Apps Script. Check out the short guide along with the code repositoryA tiny Google Apps Script tool to synchronize Google Drive permissions which can also process large amounts of data 

[Google Workspace] What would the world be like without extras from third-party partners… It would be definitely less functional. Therefore, check out the 12 recommended applications by Google. 12 third-party apps for Google Workspace we recommend you try